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Thanks for checking us out. This site has been created to highlight and promote some of our custom engraved stamps for leatherworkers and some of the other products I produce and sell.

Our leathercraft stamps are made from Delrin (Acetel), an extremely hard plastic that machines well and which have been laser engraved to provide distinct images. Many of my stamps take on odd subjects, but we hope you like them anyway. I will also do custom stamps and plates. Just email me through our contact page and we can work out the details.

We also do engraved wallets, pens, or direct engraving onto many materials. From simple drawings to photographs.  If you need something done, give us a try. You can message me thru our contact page.

We are constantly adding new products as we get them done, so check back with us regularly. Many are on eBay or etsy so give them a look.

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