Basic size for the imprint is  1.25" x 1". The stamp is made from delrin plastic and is laser engraved. Unlike many other delrin stamps which use a 6" or so rod, this stamp is only 1" tall. My experience is that this provides more of the energy from the mallet strike to be passed to the working end. The disk can either be used with a a shop press or arbor press, however the back of the stamp has also been modified so that it will also work with the hefty handle thus making them usable as hammer stamps.  STAMP HANDLE IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS SALE. You can see it in use here.  It is readily available from Tandy Leather, or thru my associate at his  eBay store.

NOTE:  I am no longer selling directly on ebay, buy my associate at AWLIVERS Leather is happy to take the order.  I will still produce it.

The stamped sample is my STANDARD layout. The slideshows will display several variations on this layout as well as some stamps I've done in the past. All layouts are the same price. Unless you tell me otherwise, you will receive the STANDARD layout. You can send the layout you want and the two lines of text as part of the paypal checkout message by sending a message to directly after purchase.

SENDING ART: Sometimes artwork may look great on the screen but in reality it is a trick of the browser. The real artwork is seen when you open it in a real drawing package like Corel or Photoshop. I often get artwork which is in reality 1" tall.  That is impossible to work with. When you try to blow it up it will get pixelated and will not translate easy into something that can be used.  Please make sure your artwork is at least 5" tall and with 300 or dpi resolution for best results. You can email me the artwork directly to


We get asked if we do custom stamps. The answer is YES! The image at the top  is just my standard template for a makers stamp. But I can add what ever text you like or add a logo or do something completely different. Just drop me a message and include the art so I can see what we can do. You can see some of the custom logos I've done for customers in the top slideshow on the right. Custom stamps the same 1.5" size are the same price as a maker stamp. Anything larger than what fits on the 1.5" disc has to be done on a flat plate. Flat plates require the use of either an arbor press or a hydraulic press. My general cost on plates is $6/ square inch but it can vary based on the complexity. Just send me a message and art and I can give you a quote.

Turn around time is generally 48 hours.  For a quick purchase, you can find my maker stamp HERE at my associate's eBay store, or Contact me directly with your details.


Specifying Your Maker Stamp