We are happy to offer a variety of lighters and lighter covers.

Our Star Brand oil lighters (zippo like) are engraved with a variety of themes not found anywhere else. We are able to engrave your own design or logo on these as well. 

We do have cases available for these lightrs as well, just drop me a note if you need one and we'll let you know what we have. 

Our bic lighter covers are made of birch wood and are engraved, color filled and lacquered.

A STUDIO-N EXCLUSIVE: wood engraved zippo lighter covers.  I have looked everywhere trying to find wooden zippo style lighter covers that can be engraved and finally had them made for me. The cover is made from Bubinga which is an African wood, also known as African Rosewood. It is a beautiful dense hardwood with a rose-colored background and darker purple striping. Also offered with the case is a free oil-lighter.
This offering is for a plain case and lighter. I can add personalization on it for you. We will be listing a wide variety of motifs and figures. We can do custom designs for you. Just send me a message with the details you want on it.