Custom Maker Delrin Stamps And Plates FAQ

Why a Delrin Stamp?
Delrin stamps are cost effective, last a long time and have a quick turn-around time

(usually 24-48 hours).

What is Delrin Anyway? 
Delrin is a very hard machinable plastic originally made by Dupont. It is very tough but because 
it is still a plastic, a laser is an ideal tool to remove material and form a stamp with raised letters (embosses inward) or with letters below the surface for leaving raised impressions.

What sizes can be made?
Technically as large as the machine will support.  However, the majority of what I make is on a 1.5" disk. That means the maximum image can only be about 1.25" in order to allow some room to bevel the edges.  If it is a flat plate, the max size can be 1' x 2' but is for a press only.

Can I go smaller?
Sure.  But, the disk size will still be 1.5".  The smaller image is centered to the disk.
I can use some smaller round stock, but the handle configuration is different. email me for the details.

What about a handle?

My stamps are intended to be used with the Hefty Handle from Tandy (part #8197-00).  My experience with a full delrin rod as a stamp and handle is that the rod absorbs a lot of the energy from the blow.  By shortening the stamp to disc size, and using a metal handle much like for use with the lettering stamps, you get all the energy transferred. Plus it keeps your cost down.

Do you sell the handle?

I can provide you with one if needed, or you can get one from Tandy or other leathercraft retailers.

What is needed for plates?

Plates require a lot of pressure.  Small belt plates (1-1/2" x 5") can be pressed with a 1 ton arbor press and can be moved over and pressed in sections.  Larger square plates generally require a hydraulic press such as those driven by a bottle jack of at least 12 tons or a clicker press.

What about artwork?

​The ideal artwork is camera ready art in black and white format. It should be a line drawing of some type NOT A PHOTOGRAPH. It should be high-resolution and at least 5 inches tall.  We can work with most any format, but the customer must provide the artwork or it must be something readily found on the internet. I do not draw myself so I am at the mercy of what I can find.